See What Your Peers Are Saying

Dr. Lily Hu, Faculty

“I was able to talk about all different techniques of sedation and anesthesia… I got a really good response from the audience. Everyone seemed to be really engaged and they seemed to enjoy my presentation”

Jordan Born, Salvin Dental

“The doctors are really getting into the hands on component. Really into it! We’re here to provide the support needed.”

Dr. Enrico Ross, Maine

“Yesterday we had a great lecture from Dr. Rutkowski. We did some hands on with PRP/PRF. I’m so glad I decided to take this course!”

Mark Tardugno, SUNY Upstate Resident

“I’ve been supplementing all of our implant material Dr. Jackson and the instructors have been giving me.”

Dr. Maria El-Byar, Montreal

“I’m really happy to be here and I’m learning so much these past three days.”

Dr. Paul Boettner, Minnesota

“Great learning experience and there are a lot of great doctors to get to know, connect with and network with!”

Dr. Manohar Lalchandani, Pennsylvania

“This is the best course I’ve ever taken. As far as your teaching is concerned, I have told you before that you are born to be a teacher and I’m glad to be here!”

Dr. James Rutkowski, Faculty

“You’ve got a great group and I can tell from the questions and the attentiveness that they are absorbing this to take back to their practice and make a difference.”

Jodeci Malixi, Vermont

“It’s very informative and I love all the hands on we do!”